Transformible was created in response to a need for transparency in the fitness and health industry. Originally oriented around producing a workout powder that would provide the ingredients needed without extraneous components thrown in for hype and marketing purposes, Transformible expanded and has become a transparent source of information to promote performance and clarity. We provide sensible solutions that can be utilized with realistic expectations to take your body where you want it to go.


The founder, Brendan Jonesrebandt, has been an avid pursuer of activity. He struggled with injuries for a large portion of his life and has found that the drive to keep active can be tough to achieve. With the plethora of information available, and much of it misleading or dangerously, often researching new workouts or exercise ideas became more harmful than helpful. One area that always seemed to be lacking was nutritional workout supplements. Too many supplements had unrealistic claims, unheard of ingredients, or unknown proprietary blends. A goal to create a workout supplement that was transparent, sensible, and promoted high levels of performance was sought. Along the way the demand for research driven articles, advice and guidance with workouts, and nutritional information led to the creation of Transformible.