Exercise Plan

Transformible is a heavy supporter of weight lifting. One thing that is interesting to note is that both this body and this body require a heavy amount of strength training. The main difference between the two outcomes is the amount of testosterone produced my men allow them to put on substantially more muscle. If using chemical supplements, then even more so.

Sports and other physical activities benefit heavily from weight lifting. Even general, everyday activities can benefit from weight lifting. Pairing lifting weights with cardiovascular exercise will keep your body in prime physical condition assuming adequate nutrition. Where to start all depends on what shape you are in, your previous experience, and your access to equipment. Depending on your goals you may want to look into a gym membership at a facility that will have the equipment you need, purchase equipment for a home gym, or see if your work place has a gym facility that will suffice.

If you haven’t lifted weights before or haven’t lifted weights in a while it is imperative that you start slow. Your connective tissue will need to increase in strength before you can begin using heavy weights.

Leg press or squats

bench press

wide grip pull downs


shoulder press

side laterals



leg curls

calf raises

incline sit ups