How much weight can I lose a week?

The easy answer is maybe a pound a week of fat with a minimum of lean tissue lost.

This is a tough question since it will be different for every person. You can lose a lot of weight in a short time, but ideally you want to lose fat, not weight. The idea that a pound of fat is 3500 kcal of energy and decreasing your diet by 3500 kcal per week will result in a pound of fat lost per week doesn’t prove to be accurate for most people. According to this study, unless you have more than 66 pounds of fat, the 3500 kcal estimate is an oversimplification. If you lose any muscle your bodies energy needs will decrease which will then require additional decreases in calories in order to still maintain a deficit. Rather than watching the scale, watch the mirror. If you start a weight training program your weight may go up while your fat stores go down. As you increase your muscle mass, your resting metabolic rate will increase. To preserve muscle mass, don’t expect to be able to lose more than a pound of fat a week. In this study on women age 18 to 22 analyzing the effects of high intensity intermittent exercise training, the women only lost 5.5 pounds on average over the 15 weeks. That’s just slightly more than 1/3 of a pound of fat per week. As long as you set your expectations correctly and keep watching yourself, seeing how you feel, and notice strength gains your body image will be coming right along.


How do I lose stomach fat/get a six pack?

The easy answer is burn more Calories than you consume.

If you don’t want to buy them for $90 or you want more realistic looking ones it will take some work. The idea of losing fat in a particular area is quite popular. It sounds easy. Unfortunately it isn’t that simple. You can’t lose fat in one area any more than you can tell your body to store it in a different area. Why did you put it on there in the first place? Because your body is predisposed to store fat in different areas, removing it from one particular area will be difficult. If you lower your overall body fat through nutrition and exercise you will be able to decrease your fat in a particular area. This may require a substantial loss, or it may be the first area you lose it, but this will be due to a decrease in fat, not an increase in activity in a particular area. You regularly see routines for six pack abs where you can do certain activities and that will give you a six pack. It may increase your muscular development, but if you still have the fat layer on top you won’t see the six pack.To lose stomach fat/get a six pack you need to reduce your body fat as a whole through nutrition and exercise.


How do I tone my…?

The easy answer is burn more Calories than you consume and exercise that body part.

This depends on the definition of tone, but this regularly refers to providing shape and definition to a particular part of the body. Articles written for women are notorious for discussing how to tone certain areas without getting bulky. Without testosterone women will have a really difficult time putting on large quantities of muscle. Some women have this fear of getting bulky overnight which is the same as many men’s dreams. Ironic isn’t it. Lifting heavy weights will not make you bulky. Here’s a website that talks with professional fitness models. You don’t see them doing tone your arms in 3 moves workouts. They lift as heavy as they can, just like the men, but they lack the testosterone for extreme muscular development. To tone your body you usually need a combination of fat reduction and muscle increase. If you are already very muscular than the big change is going to be diet. We have a workout program designed for all levels of development if you are looking for a place to start.


How much muscle can I gain in a week?

The easy answer is less than 1/2 a pound.

This will depend on a variety of factors such as your age, experience, sex, and current level of development. A study on the use of a testosterone supplement had a group of experienced weight lifters as a control group. The control group gained .42 pounds of muscle a week for ten weeks under the supervision of scientists. If you are putting on one to two pounds of muscle per month you are doing great.

Should I do weight lifting or cardio first?

The easy answer is warm up with light cardio, then lift weights, then do cardio on your non weight lifting days.

It depends on what your goals are. If you are training for a race then your focus should be on cardiovascular endurance and you’ll want to ensure proper time is devoted to your cardio training. If you are interested in primarily gaining strength then you should weight lift when you are the most fresh, hence before cardio. Whatever your primary goal is, do that when you are the most well rested.


Is this weight loss program too good to be true?

The easy answer is yes.

Without knowing the plan it is hard to just blankly define something as too good to be true, but generally if the plan has you losing more than a pound or two of fat a week it will be too good to be true.  Any program where you lose weight too quickly will mean a loss of lean tissue as well as fat. If you want more information on how much weight you can lose, check the weight loss rate common question.


Are these workouts okay for women as well?

The easy answer is yes.

The workouts we prescribe are well suited for both males and females. The difference you’ll see in results is due to the natural hormones your body has. Testosterone

Should I use free weights or machines?

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I have stopped improving, what do I do?

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How many repetitions and sets should I do per exercise?

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What is the best exercise for…?

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